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XL1 S MiniDV Camera
XL1 S MiniDV Camera

Like its predecessor, the XL1, the XL1S also features Canon’s unique lens-mount system. When used with an optional EF mount adapter, this system allows the user to add Canon’s range of EF lenses for EOS 35 mm camera, adding to the versatility of the XL1S.

Super high resolution
The XL1S makes the most of the DV format by using a 3-CCD system that assigns a separate CCD to each primary colour. A beam-splitting prism precisely separates the light passing through the lens to achieve outstanding detail and colour reproduction.

Pixel shift
Advanced CCD technology called pixel shift helps solve common shooting problems. This signal processing technique helps the XL1S to achieve a wider dynamic range, reduced vertical smearing, and brighter video in low light without loss of resolution.

Canon has chosen to incorporate larger-sized pixels in each CCD to deliver outstanding results when shooting in super low-light situations. By optimizing the central portion of the camera head, which handles small level signals in CCD peripheral circuit, top-class horizontal resolution for worldwide DV standards is realized. The noise level of the XL1S is improved by 14dB over the XL1, giving clearer images in dark conditions.

Optical Image Stabiliser
The XL1S comes with an optical image stabilised 16x zoom lens IS II, which delivers exceptionally clear, sharp images by resolving over 600 TV lines – exceeding the DV standard of 500 TV lines. This high performance lens includes Canon’s ‘SuperRange’ variable angle prism for enhanced optical image stabilisation. SuperRange actually examines the image after the CCD receives it and picks up any low-frequency vibrations the gyro has missed greatly improving performance.

XL1 vs XL1S
Continuing to expand the possibilities and convenience, Canon's XL1S offers a number of improvements over its predecessor. It incorporates a more user-oriented interface for improved operability, as well as excellent new manual functions - such as advanced image control and custom preset possibilities - in response to users' needs.

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